The Chocolate Book Tag Challenge

When I was first asked by political author E.J. Greenway (here’s her book: to join her blog challenge to write about matching chocolate to eat with books, my first thought was – but I’m not a writer! Then I thought – chocolate, you say? Chocolate and reading at the same time? Well, unless Jean Dujardin comes knocking at my door (and maybe not even then), you just hit on two of my favourite things. Actually, if it wasn’t for the demands of vanity, sanity and that pesky old need to earn a living, I don’t mind saying that I would exist entirely on a diet of red wine and Thorntons chocolates.

Talking of earning a living, the books I read these days are almost exclusively those of my simply fabuloso roster of talented clients, so I got to thinking (like Carrie Bradshaw) – what chocolate would go with their work? And here’s what I came up with. Shame I’m only allowed 6 books, so I can only talk about a handful of my clients but that just leaves room for Parts Deux, Trois etc! (PS, all the chocolate I describe here is that which I would love to indulge myself with, but refrain from on a daily basis – it’s sort of like chocolate porn).

June Kearns

Rose and violet creams – traditional, nostalgic, quintessentially English, much loved by elegant ladies and those who aspire to be so! The first time I ate these chocolates, I couldn’t believe there was anything so delicious. The first time I read June’s book, I didn’t want it to end because I was enjoying it so much.

Wayne Marinovich

Yorkie bar – for real men. Kind of what the gorgeous guy on the cover of Wayne’s books would eat, if he ate chocolate, rugged and hunky! Only difference being, Wayne’s books are for girls also, especially girls who like an exciting adventure (and hunky men).

Donna Canavan

Hotel Chocolat – let’s step into a luxurious world of escapism – a lot like Donna’s books. The clothes! The men! The wine! The jewels! The exotic locations!

Arran Bhansal
neuhaus 2

Neuhaus – like Arran’s books, contemporary, stylish, sophisticated, sometimes unexpected, leaves you wanting more!

Charmain Mitchell

Vosges Haut Chocolate – when you read Charmain’s books you definitely encounter the unexpected, and sometimes you can be scared of the unknown, but you want to keep going – a bit like Vosges’s exotic bacon chocolate, and other chocolate flavours you’ve never thought of!

Jeremy Laszlo

One of my favourite American authors – I remember the first time I tasted Hershey’s Assorted Miniatures, then and now the taste always reminds me of the US. Jeremy serves up assorted delightful, unusual series that you’ll want to return to again and again (and share with your friends!)

Well, that’s me done for now – hope I’ve given you a little inspiration, whether it be for reading or confectionary. Enjoy!