Thank you, Steven Tyler!

I first heard of Aerosmith when I was 30, and that was over 30 years ago. A colleague said to me that if I liked Van Halen, I’d like Aerosmith – to my eternal shame, I said, ‘Who are they?’ Aerosmith – Shame

I saw the video of Love in an Elevator and thought, I’ve seen them somewhere and I like them! So I started buying the albums, and watching them on all the TV rock shows. In 1989 the band came to London, and my sister and I saw our first Aerosmith concert, and met them in Tower Records when they were signing. How young we all look.


I joined Aerosmith’s official fan club at the age of 33 (I know!) and went on the trip of a lifetime to the West Coast of the USA – 5 Aerosmith shows in 8 days, all seats in the front 5 rows, meet and greet with the band, who are the nicest guys ever. That was it, my life was incomplete without their music. I’m still in touch with a lot of my American friends, nearly 25 years later. A few years after that I ended up running the band’s official European fan club, which meant I got free tickets and backstage passes – yes, sometimes life really does begin at 40!

Joe, Julia, Steven, Tom - Copy

In 1993 I met two people who would become lifelong friends. I was waiting with my sister outside Tower Records to meet the band (bit of a pattern here!), and got talking to Jenny and Paul in the 4 hours that we waited in the cold. This is what we used to look like in 1994.


A couple of days ago we all met up in London to see Steven Tyler at the Forum, Kentish Town. He is now aged 70, and is fit, energetic, charismatic and in great voice. So now, for all the great friends, for the best music that can cheer me up no matter what, for the good times that are still coming, and for being the greatest rock god ever, I say again, ‘Thank you, Steven Tyler!’

Oh, and since I wrote this, Jenny and I have arranged to go to Las Vegas this summer to see Aerosmith at the MGM, for their 50th anniversary, at which we look forward to meeting up with some of our American friends from 25 years ago. We’re going to two gigs, for one of which we’ve got tickets actually sitting on the stage – after which I’m sure I’ll feel a new blog post coming on, so watch this space, fans of the Demon of Screamin’, Joe F**kin’ Perry, Joey, Brad and Tom!




9 thoughts on “Thank you, Steven Tyler!

    • Hey, works for me! I reckon if Steven can be that good, and he used to be a major druggie, I could at least make an effort. Mind you, he’s Italian, and they’re all about the bella figura, are they not.


  1. Happy you could see him back after all these years. I wish I could have done one show too. Tyler remains the last true Hard Rock Legend, and yes, still rockin’ so good !
    Thanks for sharing these pics and feelings Julia.
    Can’t wait to see them back for their 50th Birthday Tour (hopefully somewhere here in Europe). Let’s pray for that to happen 🙂


    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Uncle P. I have to tell you that, since I wrote that blog post, my friends and I discovered that Aerosmith are doing a residency at the MGM in Las Vegas in April, June and July. We have thrown caution to the winds and booked tickets and flights! Rock and roll.


  2. Hey, I recognise my smiling bonce at the back of the B&W picture….and I had hair!!!

    Hiya Julia, remember me or hav you consigned me to the old “What Was I thinking file?” Seems like a whole other life now…which I suppose it is really!

    I went aon a Google trip tonight from BBC report os the Aerosmith Cease and Desist order to Trump, to watching some Aerosmith vids, to searching some old friends, and then wondering if you were still doing the fan club bit etc., so googled your name and Aerosmith and saw the pic of you and Steven hugging.

    Hope you are well and happy!

    I am now living down in Devon, just outside Plymouth, with my lovely partner, Kathy, who I have been with for 13 years now, with our two elderly foster moggies.

    The one problem of living in Devon you miss all the gigs in London! Living Colour, Steven Tyler, Fishbone, so many gigs I would have loved to have seen.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and wish you well.

    Cheers James


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