Christian Dior – Designer of Dreams

This weekend I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, to see the Christian Dior exhibition – over 200 rare haute couture garments, featuring designers such as Dior himself, John Galliano and Yves St. Laurent, spread through 11 rooms. It’s wonderful – I entered each room and gasped at the beauty of not only the dresses, but also the magical staging, with a combination of lighting and music that was of the very highest level of artistic excellence. I thought you might like to see some of my photographs!

V&A Poster

Here is Princess Margaret’s 21st birthday dress. Dior was a great admirer of the Princess. See what a tiny waist she had in those days!

Princess Margaret dress

This is the classic New Look.

Some of the amazing ballgowns:

The short one in the picture below was worn by Nicole Kidman on the red carpet.

Mexican dresses:

Mexican dresses

Some John Galliano fabulousness!

Galliano costume

My favourite dress of all; unfortunately they don’t sell it in the gift shop. I just think this would be the perfect gown for attending a glamorous function on the arm of Tom Hiddleston – (because that might happen to me, you never know!)

My favourite dress

And the final dress in the final room, surrounded by mirrors.

Farewell from the exhibition

A thoroughly uplifting experience all round, and a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.