Christian Dior – Designer of Dreams

This weekend I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, to see the Christian Dior exhibition – over 200 rare haute couture garments, featuring designers such as Dior himself, John Galliano and Yves St. Laurent, spread through 11 rooms. It’s wonderful – I entered each room and gasped at the beauty of not only the dresses, but also the magical staging, with a combination of lighting and music that was of the very highest level of artistic excellence. I thought you might like to see some of my photographs!

V&A Poster

Here is Princess Margaret’s 21st birthday dress. Dior was a great admirer of the Princess. See what a tiny waist she had in those days!

Princess Margaret dress

This is the classic New Look.

Some of the amazing ballgowns:

The short one in the picture below was worn by Nicole Kidman on the red carpet.

Mexican dresses:

Mexican dresses

Some John Galliano fabulousness!

Galliano costume

My favourite dress of all; unfortunately they don’t sell it in the gift shop. I just think this would be the perfect gown for attending a glamorous function on the arm of Tom Hiddleston – (because that might happen to me, you never know!)

My favourite dress

And the final dress in the final room, surrounded by mirrors.

Farewell from the exhibition

A thoroughly uplifting experience all round, and a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.


2 thoughts on “Christian Dior – Designer of Dreams

    • Thank you. My sister told me I should share the photos and she was right. They don’t do justice to the great beauty of the exhibition, and being there in person, hearing the music and seeing the ever-changing lights.


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