How not to Write a Novel, by Fay Weldon

I don’t normally (wouldn’t presume to) post advice for writers, but when I read this article by Fay Weldon I was struck by her good sense, which comes from her many years of expertise and experience.

Fay Weldon, Portrait shoot, January 28, 2011

I hope you find it entertaining, and maybe informative as well!

Wishing you a happy, productive day.


4 thoughts on “How not to Write a Novel, by Fay Weldon

  1. “Even grammatical usages have changed with the years: writing is slicker and sleeker than it used to be.” — Without examples, I suppose she’s referring to “Show, don’t tell,” kill all adverbs, stomp on the word “very” and banish the word “was,” among others. I also wonder how much of an adjustment you’ve had to make in your proofreading per her comment about grammatical usages.


    • I haven’t, actually, Phil. I thought her opinion worth reading, but not to be taken as gospel necessarily! And as you say, there are no actual examples. I don’t agree with killing adverbs, by the way, I think there’s a place for them. Speaking as a proofreader who works with both UK and US English, I’m always aware that I have to be up to date with current usages, whilst sticking to grammatical rules, and bearing in mind that what is acceptable for dialogue is not always suitable for narrative.


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