Self-publishing and the snobbery issue

I work with all different types of authors, those who are hoping to secure a publishing deal, those who are chasing the self-publishing dream and even a couple who have gone on to secure a deal wit…

Source: Self-publishing and the snobbery issue


5 thoughts on “Self-publishing and the snobbery issue

  1. I resemble those oppressed writers than feel slight mental angst when folk say self publishing is amateur. I have more thoughts on Vanity Press authors looking down upon self published ones too….they are offensive and best left in my head 😁

    I really must touch base soon too. Thanks for sharing the link


  2. You write because you want to write, not because you crave fame and fortune – because let’s face it, there must be easier ways. All writers go through the ‘is what I’ve written just a pile of rubbish’ times, but you must tough it out! I don’t like the word ‘amateur’ applied to self-published writers because a lot of them are better than those published. (And as has been said above a few times, pretty much anyone can get published by a small independent publisher.) I recently picked up a book on a train, that had been left on the seat. It said it was on the NYT best seller list, so I thought I’d give it a go as I didn’t have a book with me, and it was a long journey. By the end of the first page I knew that it was unadulterated bilge! So much for being ‘a published author’!

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