Meeting the Authors!

Isn’t it great when you meet an author whose work you admire! Today I was delighted to meet June Kearns, whose book it was my privilege to proofread, along with her friends and fellow-authors, Lizzie Lamb and Adrienne Vaughan. They were holding a lovely pre-Valentine’s Day romantic book-signing in Waterstones, Market Harborough.100_1549


Writers, like proofreaders, work alone and hardly ever meet those who appreciate their work. It was lovely to meet these charming women, and I look forward to reading the rest of their work. Hope you had a good day, ladies, and keep up the good work!





2 thoughts on “Meeting the Authors!

  1. Thanks so much for coming to meet us at Waterstones, Julia. It was great to meet you in person.(Thanks to your Dad, too, for waiting patiently while we chatted, then taking photos of us posing!)
    As my proofreader, I felt you were my safety net, an eagle-eyed editor. prior to publication. For me, it was an absolutely perfect match. I know you’re in great demand, but really hope you’ll be able to fit us all in, next time!


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